Danial Abdalla

Hello, you can call me Dan ..

I’m a Content Scripter / Strategist & Co-Founder of Mnktob.

I worked for high-profile creative companies and individuals in the past until I decided to go all on my own. So, welcome to my cozy place where you can know more about me and my projects. 

" Those stories that pass= their essence content into the reader's own story are the most magnificent ones "

-me, not chatGPT.

Job Experience

Did you really thought I'd bother you with my "Shiny CV" ?

Just read what matters..

" No, it's ok, I wanna be bothered " ?


In this section, I show my works and how can I use my experiences in business world & markets in order

to help companies reach their goals based on Content Marketing..


websites require heavy amount of content and understanding of how visitors interact with your buttons!

The Product

Customized Prefilled Content Calendar

Sometimes it's just better to order pizza than to do it .. even when you know how to do it !

Stop wasting time, and have a full strategic prepared content calendar template that helps you organize and create engaging content easily

Please feel free to ask me anything about it so you get the maximum use of it.


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